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How satisfied are you with your life?

Build the balance wheel of your life to understand which areas you should bring into harmony. Mark the satisfaction level of these areas of your life on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 means you're doing great, and 1 means you're doing badly.


Areas in excellent condition:

These areas of your life are in harmony with each other, but don't forget to give all of them adequate attention, and you will do better. Formulate what you would like to achieve to be happy.

Areas that require attention:

You still have to work hard on these. Isn't it true that a balanced, meaningful, and harmonious life is worth it? The key to success and motivation is a sincere desire to make a real difference in the quality of your life. You will ensure that miracles happen to those who believe in them.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a verbal formula that is kept in people's minds to promote positive life changes when repeated many times.
When you imagine an action or event through affirmation, the brain activates the same zones as when you perform these actions or experience these events in real life.
Affirmations displace negative attitudes over time, making our brains confident that what we are thinking about is real.
When positive thoughts remain in mind long enough, they cause changes in the connections between brain cells and in the energy space, provoking action of the conceived idea.
Using affirmations every day is the easiest and most effective way to change your life for the better.

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Created with the knowledge of experts

Liliya Kaganovich

Liliya Kaganovich

Psychologist, author of affirmations for Mental Mentor

In my practice, I often refer to affirmations, give them to clients, and use them myself. Affirmations serve as a buffer to help the brain accept and absorb the guidance. The more you repeat your wishes, the more familiar your mind becomes with them. Affirmations have helped many of my clients overcome life's difficulties and start a new life. The main condition for success is the continuity of practice. Do it more often, and don't stop on a halfway, then the change won't keep you waiting.

Arnav Chakraborti

Arnav Chakraborti

Yogi, creator of the Varanasi meditation center

It is most useful to practice affirmations and meditations in the morning, immediately after awakening. Thoughts and actions of the first 10 minutes after sleep determine our day, inner level of happiness, and mood. At this time of day, our mind is open to new ideas, and is free of restless thoughts. Complete the day by meditating for sleep to prepare the consciousness to recover during the night and wake up in a pleasant mood. Be open to new things, and try out the practices we create for you in Mental Mentor.

Megan Holling

Megan Holling

Hereditary psychic

Affirmations work; affirmations fulfill wishes. Properly-oriented mindsets are capable of changing the energy field around you, starting the process of transformation of reality. Your words and thoughts have power, and when you give them the powerful energy of desire, their power is doubled. Be careful where your desires lead you - use your power wisely. And do not forget that your life's path is only in your hands, but you can change it dramatically. You only have to start!

All my dreams come true

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Here is what our users say about us

Ника, 24 года

Nika, 24 years old

I've spent my whole life considering myself an ordinary and uncreative person, which upset me. Mental Mentor helped me reach my potential, get rid of complexes, and open up. Now I feel free to create and share it with the world!

Юлия, 35 лет

Julia, 35 years old

I've been using the app for six months, and the results are impressive. It gave me some much-needed self-esteem, and I decided to start a business. Money started coming into my life easily. Every day I wake up in a good mood and see the meaning in everything I do. There is harmony in my life.

Антон, 28 лет

Anton, 28 years old

I felt like a total loser until I realized it was my thinking. Affirmations helped me build healthy relationships and family connections. My career took a turn for the better. With "Mentor" you know that you are not alone. You feel that your problem can be solved, and you just need to work on yourself.